Who We Are

Valentina Canavesio  (Executive Director)

The founder of Ayoka, Valentina has traveled across 5 continents, and worked for varied organizations such as Relief International, WITNESS, Amnesty International, as well as at the United Nations' headquarters in New York.

She has produced educational and promotional films for humanitarian NGOs in the Democratic Republic of Congo and for UNICEF in Mali and the Phillipines. In parallel to her work with Ayoka, Valentina works as a documentary film producer. Her last film, These Birds Walk, premierd at SXSW in 2013.

Valentina holds a BA with honors from the University of Southern California (2004) and a Master's degree in International Affairs from Sciences-Po University in Paris (2007).

Jayson Moyer (Creative Director)

Jayson started his career as a director while still attending the Art Center College of Design during which he was awarded the Gold and Bronze Clio in Cannes for best new director. He has spent the last eight years traveling the world shooting for numerous clients and collecting awards. Some of Jayson's clients include Chevy, Ford, Pepsi, Sony, Motorola, Nintendo, Ikea among others. Jayson is now looking outward to give back to the community and the world that he has traveled. Taking his experience as a director, DP and editor he has joined forces and talent with Valentina to work on socially meaningful videos.

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