Mission and Vision

Valentina Canavesio Ayoka Productions

In 2000, the World Bank published a groundbreaking study on poverty interviewing 60,000 people worldwide living on less than a dollar a day. Along with lack of income, food, and shelter, poor men and women indicated that poverty for them was about having no power and no voice.

Ayoka is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to give a voice and a platform to successful local NGOs and grassroots initiatives around the world through the production and distribution of short videos. By giving those who need it access to a public, we allow them to share the challenges they face and the creative, entrepreneurial, and sustainable ways they have found to address them.

We believe that a small group of committed citizens can indeed change the world, starting one community at a time. We want to recognize their efforts.

Our goal is to raise awareness of and generate discussion on a variety of issues so as to inspire other communities facing some of the same challenges to start their own initiatives to solve them. Our films have also raised funds for the initiatives portrayed allowing them to move on to the next step of their vision.

Since many we seek to inspire do not have easy access – if at all- to the Internet, we also partner with different organizations worldwide to distribute our films in classrooms, refugee camps, women’s associations and other communities where our videos are relevant.

Our website aims to be a meeting point for philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and individuals looking for projects to invest in, replicate, or simply to find inspiring and positive stories that are typically ignored by the mainstream media. In order to allow for a maximum of videos relevant to our mission to be found in one place, we are partnering with production companies and filmmakers around the world to showcase their films through our website.

Ayoka means "the one who brings joy" in a dialect from Ghana. We hope to give you joy as you browse through our site and feel inspired by our films.


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