Biblioburro updates

Thanks to the generous donations by people who were touched by our short film on the Biblioburro, La Gloria's library is now fully operational.

Ayoka went back in November to visit Luis and his family and to bring him more material and financial donations. Luis wanted to record this message for you.

The library is now open during the week and serves more than 250 children living in the area. Luis continues his week-end rounds on the back of his two donkeys, Alfa and Beto, and is figuring out how to fill up the space in his house now that all the books are gone!

Table by Emmanuel   

New folding table donated by Emmanuel Roger

New books donated by Monica Brown

Books donated by Monica Brown









This film made me happy. And proud. Of Luis, of the children of the Américas, and of you! How beautiful to see the progress with the La Gloria Biblioburro library. You and the film makers at Akoya are amazing--thank you for spreading the word about Luis's work and being the conduit of so many books and donations. All our children have the right to literacy and these films show how one teacher-librarian (and a few donkeys!) can make a difference.

Monica Brown

donations from around the world


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