The Test of Poverty

 The Test of Poverty” follows two women living in extreme poverty in West Bengal, India, as they participate in Trickle Up’s program and work to change the effects that generations of poverty have had on their families’ lives.


Dr. Dog

The Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation brings dogs into schools to help children break through their shyness, especially the developmentally challenged. Children with ADD, autism, and other developmental disabilities improve their speaking and social skills with the help of the program.

Blue Water Run

Local, grassroots projects are the key to solving the global water crisis in rural and remote areas. These diverse efforts involve community ownership, sanitation, hygiene education, change in behavior, and long-term maintenance and evaluation...

Lighting a Billion Lives

TERI is bringing light to people who don't have access to electricity through solar lighting devices, offering them a chance for more development opportunities, a better health, and a cleaner and safer environment...

Gulabi Gang: the pink women of india

The Pink Sari Gang, or Gulabi (pink) Gang, is a group of several hundred vigilante women in India, committed to protecting women against social malpractice, corrupt administrators, and abusive husbands.

Children's Development Bank of India

The Children's Development Bank in India is run entirely by street children, allowing them to save the money they earn.  

Seva Cafe

Seva, or service, is the selfless giving of oneself for the betterment of others and the world around. At Seva Cafe, the concept of service takes the form of a "pay it forward" restaurant...

Not Just a Piece of Cloth

Not just a piece of cloth

At Goonj, based in New Delhi, India, a unique organization transforms one person's waste into a resource for another.

Friends Without Borders

Kids making pen-friends

All across India, tens of thousands of children have begun writing heartfelt letters to the students in Pakistan.

All across Pakistan, tens of thousands of children are replying with heartfelt letters back.


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